We take responsibility for the people and the environment. At Opal of Sweden we believe in circulating the energy in all senses. When inventory is not being circulated from its shelves - this causes stagnant energy which will also affect the business. We make inventory alive again by reaching out to a wider and all-inclusive audience by lower prices.

By taking care of the inventory not used or sold by our partner brands we help them to circulate their energy so they can reinvest released capital in their productions which has a positive impact on all their chain of suppliers too. 

It’s known that big brands prefer to destroy their stock not being sold or simply for it to become landfill, instead of making it available to the lower budget consumer. This is disastrous for the environment; these landfills are taking up land and when being destroyed there are unnecessary emissions released.

We help reduce or even avoid the environmental impact of this. As our focus is on European partner brands and end-consumers we keep the environmental footprint low as the logistics are shorter and more effective.


Sustainability main focus areas

​​Reduce and avoid the environmental footprint

From PARTNER BRANDS by buying their overstock:

  • So it doesn't have to be exported outside Europe and so avoiding any environmental and economical impact.
  • So it doesn't become landfill or destroyed which avoids unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.


  • All orders are being sent as one single shipment, not in several and so keeping the environmental impact low.
  • Returns are a major contributor to carbon footprint and by providing better and more detailed product description and sizing guides we’ll work on keeping the returning of unwanted items lower.

Waste Management

We use a strong environmental mind when it comes to our packaging;

  • No decoration tissues or wrapping used.
  • No unnecessary printed return labels. (Consumer contact us if a return is needed)
  • We use compostable mailers / packaging where possible which are made by recycled materials, as much as we can. These are to be reused for any potential return by the customer.
  • Since we don’t manufacture the products ourselves we have no hazardous waste and no significant effluents on water.
  • All waste from brand partners packaging are being handled through an optimised waste separation